Month: June 2017

Ask the Expert: Underwriter Laboratories “UL”

As a consumer, you have many options when it comes to who you have provide products and services to your operation. One of those services has to do with business practices and procedures in those you choose to partner with. Underwriter Laboratories is an institution and a practice of integrity that reputable companies and service providers […]

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Service Spotlight: Custom Sub Assemblies and Mechanical Builds

TECP builds a variety of custom sub assembly mechanical builds: -Multi ports -Quick Disconnects -Block and bleed valves -Test ports -Filtration -Drip pots   Why Choose TECP? We build custom assemblies per customer specification to include pressure transmitters, drip pots, quick connects, pressure indicators, various filtration and coalescing devices. All units are assembled by trained […]

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Product Spotlight: Red Lion HMI

TECP is proud to distribute what we believe to be the best HMI (Operator Interface Screens) on the market today. Whether you are looking for just a terminal or have the need for terminal integration in a panel, TECP has the answer! Red Lion HMI Operator Interface Terminals OVER 250 BUILT-IN DRIVERS ALLOWS EASY DATA […]

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