Ask the Expert: Power Sources – WATT to Choose?

Data…Data…Data…. We need it, we demand it! But, how do we power all of those end devices that deliver that critical data or information. Today there are choices.

Conventional AC line power provided by local electrical coop or power generation companies

  • Dependable, sometimes quickly available, sometimes not. Can be costly to obtain and purchase month in, month out
  • Requires converting to power DC style instrumentation
  • Subject to “brown outs” or “black outs”

Solar/Battery packages

  • Readily available form a wide number of sources
  • Easy to deploy and operated
  • Much safer than AC line power
  • Limited to sunny weather for generation of power
  • Batteries can be heavy, difficult to dispose

Temperature and Pressure Differential units

  • Can be costly to purchase
  • Long lead times likely
  • Inexpensive to operate and maintain
  • Limited in wattage capacity

Thermoelectric Generators (TEGS)

  • More costly upfront
  • In typical oil and gas production site, it runs on self-supplied natural gas
  • Expense of operation based on current price of natural gas
  • Reliable supply of DC power
  • Not affected by bad weather and cloudy days
  • When supply gas in filtered, very little maintenance required
  • Can be set up to operate in hybrid fashion with other sources of power

So, what is best for your application? What is the cost per watt to power the things you need powered? What works? What doesn’t work so well? Are you environmentally or weather restricted? Do you have a process that works along with the technology you would like to use? What is your budget? What are your critical factors when considering what style of power source you need? So many questions. so many options.

Let TECP guide you as you make these considerations and look for the right answer to your power concerns. Contact us today!

-TECP Staff

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