Ask the Expert: To Wire or Not to Wire?

One of the recurring and most debated subjects in the oil and gas industry is, do I run wire or do I operate wirelessly? There are plenty of pros and cons to go around on this subject.

One of the arguments to hardwiring is that many feel they have a better assurance that signals and information will be carried to its desired destination. There is also a comfort that there are no concerns of interrupted signal due to some blockage in line of sight.

The wireless crowd feels that if lightning strikes in the area, it could have a severe impact on hardwired devices. It is costly to run conduit and/or wire, and when required, it is very expensive to hydro-trench where conventional tools or means are not permitted. What if someone cuts a wire or wires corrode?

Some companies are not comfortable sending a signal across the way. So, where does that leave one when it comes to moving values across the pad?

One must consider all points:

  • The environment.
  • The topography.
  • The comfort one has when it comes to their chosen method of moving information.
  • What are the upfront dollars?
  • What are the total dollars to be spent?
  • What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages?

Regardless of what you choose, be sure you have the best products and the best services the industry offers.

Let TECP guide you as you make these considerations and look for the right answer to your operation concerns. Contact us today!

-TECP Staff

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