Ask the Expert: Underwriter Laboratories “UL”

As a consumer, you have many options when it comes to who you have provide products and services to your operation. One of those services has to do with business practices and procedures in those you choose to partner with.

Underwriter Laboratories is an institution and a practice of integrity that reputable companies and service providers can choose to align with to insure that you are receiving the high standards in service and products in your day to day operation.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the largest and best known independent, not-for-profit testing laboratory in the world. Based in Northwood, Illinois, UL conducts safety and quality tests on a broad range of products, from fire doors to CCTV cameras. The laboratory provides a full spectrum of conformity and quality assessment services to manufacturers and other organizations. It also assists jurisdictional and provincial authorities, offers educational materials to consumers, and works to strengthen safety systems around the world.

UL hands out one of three different designations to products that pass its tests: UL listed, UL recognized, or UL certified. Businesses should note that there is no such designation as “UL approved”; companies that mistakenly tout their products with such a designation will arouse the ire of Underwriters Laboratories, which will insist that the company clarify the matter immediately.

UL Listed. This designation means that the tested product meets the laboratory’s standards and can be used by itself.

UL Recognized. This designation is granted to equipment components that are used in combination with other pieces of equipment to create a finished product.

UL Certified. This designation is used by UL when it has been successfully tested to the standards of an outside authority, such as a city’s building code requirements.

As you select those you partner with to build your successes, always consider those who have made the decision to position their company and their employees to practice and offer the best services and product that can be offered.

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