Saving Money on Rebuilt Transmitters

In today’s industrial economy it makes sense to get the most out of our dollars when purchasing equipment to monitor our processes.

Starting in 1991, TECP  began to offer our customers a savings of about 50% on Rosemount transmitters by offering remanufactured ones versus the purchasing of new ones. TECP offers a 2 year limited warranty on all remanufactured transmitters.

  • We actively search and find used and surplus transmitters from around the country.
  • Our technicians will then disassemble, evaluate and replace the required internal components and then calibrate them to customer specifications with a five point calibration report.
  • Each transmitter is reconditioned back to a full remanufactured status and is blasted, painted, retagged, and ready for service.

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TECP is a solutions provider of instrumentation and automation end devices. We are a UL certified panel shop and build to customer specifications. Our staff includes experts available for consultation.


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