Automation Equipment


Tank Monitoring & Transmitters Controllers ABB Multi Variable ABB Pressure Transmitter

Gentherm Thermoelectric Generators

TECP is proud to offer the Gentherm Thermoelectric Generators. From 21 watts to 500 watts, we have the answer to your onsite DC power needs. Using natural gas or propane gas, Gentherm can deliver the power to your remote locations to give the assurance of power sourcing to run all of your end devices. Use […]

Barksdale Control Products Automation

Barksdale Series 9671X, 9681X, and 9692X

HMI Displays

Red Lion G310 G310 Graphic LCD Operator Interface Terminal Red Lion Graphite Series HMI Displays

Turck Cables and Connectors

Turck Cables and Connectors

Solar Controllers

Morningstar PS-15M / 30M Solar Controller Morningstar SunSaver Solar Controller


WIKA Ultra Low Pressure Vapor Recovery Transducer E-10 WIKA Ultra Low Pressure Vapor Recovery Transducer IS-20-VR E-10 and E-11 Pressure Transmitters IS20 and IS21 Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters A-10 Pressure Transducer C-10 Pressure Transducer F-20 Pressure Transmitter LH-20 Submersible Level Transducer IL-10 Submersible Pressure Transmitter Level Guard Attachment Wika TC10 Industrial Thermocouple Assembly Twin-Temp Thermometers

Foxboro Instruments

Foxboro IGP10 Pressure Transmitter Standard With LCD Foxboro I/A Series Intelligent Vortex Flowmeters Threaded Or Flanged Foxboro IAP10S and IGP10S Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitters Foxboro Intelligent Multi-Variable (IMV) Transmitters Foxboro RTT20 Temperature Transmitter

Electrolab Level Products

Electrolab High Level Probe Electrolab Tank Check Flex 2100 Digital Level Sensor 2100 Digital Level Sensor AP Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

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