Instrumentation Solutions

New & Re-Manufactured Rosemount Transmitters

For 25 years, TECP has been offering new and remanufactured Rosemount transmitters. We repair instruments for customers or sell the remanufactured units with a 2 year warranty. Whether it is pressure, temperature, or differential models, we have the answer!

Custom Assemblies

We custom build various configurations of manifold assemblies to include multiport valves and quick disconnects. Gauges can be added for local read. We can accommodate any brand of pressure transmitters to make field installs more efficient.

Quadrant Ball Valves & Multiports

Quadrant Multi Port Valves ASME Rated To 10,000 PSI Quadrant Multi Port Valves ASME Rated To 3,000 PSI Quadrant Ball Valves ASME Rated To 10,000 PSI


Foxboro IGP10 Pressure Transmitter Standard With LCD Display Foxboro I/A Series Intelligent Vortex Flowmeters Threaded Or Flanged Foxboro IAP10S and IGP10S Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitters Foxboro Intelligent Multi-Variable (IMV) Transmitters   Foxboro RTT20 Temperature Transmitter

Anderson Greenwood Valves

Mini Valves Needle Valves Block and Bleed Valves 3 Valve Manifolds 5 Valve Manifold 5 Valve Wide Body Manifold Conventional Relief Valves Pilot Operated Relief Valves

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