TECP Teams Up With ABB Automation

TECP is excited to announce that we have teamed up to become a channel partner with ABB Automation. For decades, ABB Totalflow has been a leader in measurement in the oil and gas industry. Now as ABB launches their “automation driven” line of products, TECP is proud to be a stocking distributor for these products to include representation in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana as well as across the US.

  • RMC 100 Remote Modular/Scalable Controller….allows for full control on production pad…gas, liquids, pressure, temperature, level
  • 266 HSH pressure transmitters, to 10,000 psi….4-20 mA or 1-5V……
  • ABB 266 MODBUS Multi-variable Transmitters…..For use with ABB controllers and is alsoa direct replacementfor Fisher 4088
  • Level Transmitters….for chemical tanks
  • Chemical Monitoring System…allows control and monitoring for chemical injection
  • I/P Converters….very inexpensive and reliable
  • Vortex Meters…a great replacement for “maintenance heavy” turbine meters for water and oil measurement including allocation application
  • On staff ABB Automation experts to assist you in designing a system for your specific application
  • TECP also offers field maintenance and installation of all ABB products


Please contact your local TECP representative if you are interested in any of the ABB Automation items or would like to see a presentation of these solutions.

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