Otis EC Sensor Assembly

TECP offers the OI-6000 Gen II Sensor Assembly and the OI-675 Sensor Assembly.

The Otis Instruments, Inc. Gen II WireFree OI-6000 ambient air gas sensor assembly is a WireFree gas sensor assembly that uses an Electrochemical, Catalytic Bead, PID, or Infrared sensor element to detect a variety of gases. The device comes standard with a 102 x 64 graphical LCD screen, Otis Instruments standard three-button interface, Otis-blue custom explosion proof enclosure, non-intrusive magnetic switches, and radio (900 MHz or 2.4 GHz).

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OTIS LEL OI- 6000 Data Sheet

The Otis Instruments, Inc. Model OI-675 Electrochemical Sensor Assembly is a versatile system with the ability to detect of a variety of gases. The OI-675 Sensor Assembly’s key feature is non-intrusive calibration. With all adjustments made at the sensor assembly, one-man non-intrusive calibration is quick, easy, and allows the device to remain Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D certified while in the field. Non-intrusive calibration is made possible by using an Otis Instruments, Inc. distributed magnet to activate the MENU, ADD and SUB buttons.

The OI-675 incorporates any “4” series electrochemical sensor element and the OI-352 two-wire loop (4 to 20mA output) amplifier card. An extended life-expectancy, paired with the ability to withstand extreme climatic conditions and harsh environments, make the OI-675 Electrochemical Sensor Assembly a flexible tool for gas detection.

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Otis O2 Sensor- EOG

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